NP Assist Now Open: Welcome to the Future of Healthcare

House calls for your healthcare needs are no longer a thing of the past. NP Assist has partnered with Diagnostic Group Integrated Healthcare System with management by Harbor Healthcare System to bring the best in healthcare, quite literally, right to you. NP Assist offers personalized and private medical care with superior service and state-of-the-art technology in a traditional, old fashioned manner.

NP Assist comes to the patient, wherever and whenever they may be needed. The NP Assist motto is simple: The Doctor Is Always In. “If an individual’s schedule is tight, then this is perfect for them,” states Kris Spell, ACNP-BC, Harbor Healthcare System and NP Assist. “With our service you will never have to wait in a doctor’s office again.”

NP Assist is the perfect healthcare solution for individuals seeking an outstanding primary care provider, those too sick to drive and that need to be seen immediately, or those individuals who prefer not be exposed to other patients’ illnesses. “This is perfect for business owners and other working professionals. NP Assist will travel to their home or office, “ Kris smiles. “Now there is never an excuse to get what has been bothering you checked out.” Other scenarios may include individuals with hectic schedules or those who cannot schedule a timely appointment with their regular provider. In all cases, NP Assist provides each individual with personalized treatment without the time limits sometimes imposed by regular providers.

“Just because the patient is not being seen in an office does not mean the quality of service changes,” reveals Kris. “In many cases it actually improves. NP Assist is able to perform more tests and procedures in a patient’s home than some primary care providers perform in their office. Plus, NP Assist provides comprehensive, urgent care, with same day service if called by 2 PM.”

The secret to NP Assist’s success is its enrollment simplicity. Individuals just enroll in a $25 monthly subscription to join the home-visit service. Recurring charges are easily made via credit cards or automatic debit. Then, when a home-visit is made, the service is billed to the patient’s insurance plan. If a patient does not have insurance, NP Assist will accept checks or credit cards prior to service.

“This is the future of healthcare,” Kris explains. “I think some people may feel like healthcare is becoming more impersonal, but NP Assist wants to retain the human touch. We hear so much coming out of Washington about the changes to this industry and many professionals are sitting idle, waiting for the politicians to figure it out. But not in southeast Texas. In order to move forward we must remember our past. At NP Assist, we want to return healthcare to a deeper, richer, more human experience that harkens back to the days when house calls were still made. Washington may say differently, but this is how we do it in Texas, and NP Assist is proudly paving the way.”

NP Assist may be found online at or by calling toll free 1 (855) 951-5567.


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