New Harbor Lights program

Harbor Healthcare continues a legacy of hope and outreach with their newly christened Harbor Lights program. The same great care, dedication, and treatment Harbor Healthcare provides to an individual and their family, is now extended even beyond the patient. Created as a way to give additional assistance, the new program targets home projects and tasks that individuals cannot do for themselves. Most importantly, these services are provided at no cost.

“This is just another way for us to give back to the community,” acknowledges Harbor Hospice Community Education Coordinator Aaron Campbell. “Harbor has been so blessed to grow as rapidly as we have and this is just a small way to give back to our patients and help out with their needs. We also see this as continuing an arc. At Harbor, we are concerned about treating a person’s body, mind, and soul. That care has now expanded to include their home.”

Harbor Healthcare is comprised of Harbor Hospice, the long term acute care Harbor Hospital, and Harbor Home Health. Each division delivers a unique method of aggressive and individualized patient care that strives to go above and beyond. “Harbor Lights is a very natural extension of our methodology,” Aaron explains. “We are committed to personalized care that not only treats the illness or disease, but the entire person. Now think of the psychological component of wellness for a patient: the peace of mind knowing that others cared enough to do this and the security of knowing these details were taken care of.” Smiling, Aaron adds, “It really is the Harbor method. All distinct points help to reinforce the others.”

Currently, two Harbor patients are selected each month for assistance. “Honestly though, I see that number greatly expanding in a very short amount of time,” confides Aaron. Patients are identified by social workers, RNs, and community educators. Each month the Harbor Lights committee meets to choose potential patients, plan projects, and recruit all the necessary volunteers.

“We’re not contractors!” Aaron jokes. “But we do roll up our sleeves and get to work. Right now, we assist with all minor home repairs and tasks such as painting, victory gardens, and yard maintenance. Sometimes in life, the smallest things mean the most, and we want to take care of those details. We feel the home is an extension of the patient and therefore needs to be treated and cared for like any other component of the individual.”

In December the program will assist with hanging lights and setting up trees and decorations. “Many of these folks probably wouldn’t be able to string lights outside or hang up Christmas stockings. Our thought is, if they are going home, we want it to feel like home when they get there. We see it as our way of having a little homecoming celebration by tidying up and fixing up some things.”

All work is performed by Harbor Healthcare employees and volunteers, but several local volunteer groups have already expressed interest in being a part of the outreach. “The BBVA and V.A. Group have already contacted us,” adds Aaron. “We can’t wait for Harbor Lights to burn even brighter so even more lives can be touched.”

To volunteer, please contact volunteer coordinator Ina Messina at (409) 291-2101. For more information or to suggest a patient for Harbor Lights, please visit


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