Harbor Foundation Hosts 4th Annual Butterfly Release

The Harbor Foundation will proudly host their 4th Annual Celebration of Life Butterfly Release on Saturday, April 20th, 2013 from 11 am to 2 pm.  The entire community is invited with free admission to this amazing event at Tyrrell Park in Beaumont.  The event will also feature food, live entertainment and music, and children’s activities.  Proceeds from the event will go to help patients and their families well beyond the scope of traditional health care.

“This has become an incredibly special event,” shares Kimberly Davis, Harbor Foundation Executive Director.  “It’s a day to memorialize loved ones who have passed away and give thanks for those who are still with us.  The butterfly, a symbol of life and transformation, perfectly represents what we do at Harbor while also creating an emotionally charged centerpiece for the event.  Like fireworks in July, this is a grand finale you have to see: thousands of butterflies taking flight as they are released on cue.  It’s such an incredible moment we want to share with everyone in the community.”

While Harbor Hospice service is always available to all, Harbor Foundation was created to financially help families and patients with other necessities to help improve their lives.  “We help with food, utility payments, dental services and funeral arrangements, as well as having provided air conditioning and heating units to give comfort from the weather,” Kimberly explains.  “Harbor Hospice believes in not only treating the disease or illness but the whole person.  The Foundation is a natural progression of this mission as we extend care beyond the person and into these other crucial areas.” 

To help support the Foundation, Harbor hosts two fundraisers a year, the Celebration of Life Butterfly Release, and the Dinner for Life, an autumn black tie dinner and dancing extravaganza.  Harbor hopes to raise $10,000 with the butterfly release to continue in aiding these families.

“It will be a great day for a great cause,” Kimberly states with a smile.  “I just want everyone to come out and bring lawn chairs and blankets, their dogs on leashes and enjoy all the festivities in the beautiful surroundings – it’s just awesome.”

To order a butterfly in memorial of a loved one, please call the Harbor Foundation at (409) 981-1888 or visit http://www.harborfoundation.com to download a form.  You don’t have to be present to release your butterfly.  Dedicated butterflies will be released if you are unable to attend.  The cost is just $10 to release a butterfly.

Sponsorships are also available for memorials, businesses and corporations in the denominations of $1,500, $1,000, $500 and $250.  Please contact the above phone number for more information and a tax deductible receipt. 

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Harbor Healthcare Announces Ribbon Cutting for New Girls’ Haven Study Room

Harbor Healthcare is pleased to announce the official ribbon cutting ceremony for the new Girls’ Haven Study Room on March 22, 2013 at 1PM. The recently renovated room will feature fresh paint, new computers and furniture. This room will offer the residents a safe and practical environment for their studies and homework.

Girls’ Haven of Beaumont is a residential operation that aspires to turn tragedy into triumph by providing a safe, nurturing environment for girls affected by physical, sexual or emotional abuse, neglect, abandonment, exploitation or severe family dysfunction. Harbor Healthcare donated all funds for the renovation and completion of the room, and their staff volunteered time to assemble the furniture, paint and remodel the room along with installing the computer equipment.

“We love the people of this community,” explains Brenna Rodriguez, Director of Business Development for Harbor “Harbor has been blessed to grow so quickly, and we are always looking for ways to give back regardless if the people in need are outside the scope of what we do. Girls’ Haven has a tremendous impact on our community, and Harbor wants to help amplify it.”

“The room just looks awesome,” exclaims Alice Teeler, Girls’ Haven Executive Director. “The Harbor people were just great. They had a vested interest in our girls and genuinely wanted to help them succeed. Harbor has been a friend of Girls’ Haven for years with donations and help during fundraisers, but now they have stepped up in a big way.”

While the room will not be unveiled until the 22nd, there is already plenty of buzz inside the halls of Girls’ Haven. “The kids are ecstatic,” reveals Alice. “This will provide them with an additional path to their transition. Having this environment and the new equipment will aid their growth, and we are thankful for that. Our desire here at Girls’ Haven is just to take care of people, and it’s an incredible thing when you develop a kinship with another company that shares your values and views in ministering to others.”

“I love giving back,” smiles Brenna. “Harbor loves giving back. It’s awesome to be with a company that helps foster that belief, but most importantly, that wants to legitimately help without benefit to itself. We all need to step up. We can change the world if more and more people decided to have an impact and change one life at a time. Hopefully this philosophy won’t be just taught, but also caught. Hopefully others will see it and catch on. Maybe one day, one of the girls will see what someone else has done, and then they too will decide to make a difference for someone else.”

Girls’ Haven holds many annual fundraisers and will be hosting a Golf Tournament in May. To help or get involved, please visit http://www.girlshaveninc.org or call (409) 832-6223.

To visit Harbor Healthcare, click on http://www.harborhcs.com or call (409) 813-2332.

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Harbor Hospice House of Lake Charles Groundbreaking Ceremony

Harbor Hospice delivers on their vision of reshaping palliative care with the construction of their newest Harbor Hospice House Inpatient Facility in Lake Charles, Louisiana. The groundbreaking ceremony is Friday, February 22, at 11:00 AM. Harbor Hospice is pleased to announce Mayor Randy Roach and the Lake Charles Chamber of Commerce will be in attendance. The facility is slated to open this fall and will provide world class facilities coupled with Harbor’s unique method of aggressive treatment.

“This is something incredibly special,” confides Chief Administration Officer Darran Dollarhide. “We want to grab the world’s attention and shine a spotlight on Lake Charles to highlight what hospice should be. There are many preconceived notions that we work tirelessly every day to dispel. What we are creating in Lake Charles is an example of not only what hospice should be, but what all health care in America should be.”

Harbor Hospice’s uniqueness is not only demonstrated in the level of passion of their care, but in the way they view and treat each patient. Darran points out that Harbor’s vision is to treat each individual as a whole person, not just as their illness. “The treatment is really specific to the diagnosis, and we go above and beyond to minister and comfort each individual and their entire family.”

With the Harbor Hospice House of Lake Charles, patients will no longer need to be transported to various hospitals. Also, when symptoms cannot be managed at home, or when families are having difficulty, the Harbor Hospice House Inpatient Facility will provide care in a warm, homelike setting. “It really is home away from home but so much more,” reflects Darran. “We provide all the services of a hospital, and our facility has been specifically designed with all the necessary equipment for crisis care.”

The first of many slated for construction in the next 5 years, the Lake Charles Harbor Hospice House boasts 18 private patient suites, 4 isolation rooms, a chapel, fully staffed kitchen, family gathering rooms, guest cafe and additional space for outpatient services and administrative offices. The over 25,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facility will offer symptom crisis management services and 24/7 skilled nursing and allied health care staff in a remarkably comfortable and contemporary setting.

“This is really a hospital setting crossed with a Hilton Hotel,” reveals Darran. “It’s just one more thing that makes Harbor unique. It’s taking compassionate care to the next level.” Each Harbor Hospice House is composed of beautiful architecture and serene decor to create a soothing, comfortable and reflective atmosphere to promote patient healing and care. “Each individual patient is also surrounded by a team of highly qualified and caring professionals,” relates Darran. “From treating physicians, nurses, certified nurse aides, social workers, spiritual counselors, medical social workers and trained volunteers, the whole team will be here under one roof with easy access for after hours, weekends and holidays. We surround our patients with the best, so their quality of life can be the best.”

At a time when many companies are scaling back, Harbor is excited and feels blessed to be expanding. “With job’s creation and how well patients will be cared for, this is an excellent opportunity for Louisiana, but it is also an even more wonderful opportunity for Harbor. We feel that it allows us to reset the thinking of what hospice, palliative care and health care in general can be, and it also enables us to touch the lives of so many more people. At a time when health care is in the spotlight politically, we want to refocus and get back to the basics of helping and healing people physically, emotionally and spiritually. This is who we are, and this is what we are bringing to the people of Lakes Charles.”

For more information, including opportunities for employment and volunteering, please visit http://www.harborhospice.com.

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NP Assist Now Open: Welcome to the Future of Healthcare

House calls for your healthcare needs are no longer a thing of the past. NP Assist has partnered with Diagnostic Group Integrated Healthcare System with management by Harbor Healthcare System to bring the best in healthcare, quite literally, right to you. NP Assist offers personalized and private medical care with superior service and state-of-the-art technology in a traditional, old fashioned manner.

NP Assist comes to the patient, wherever and whenever they may be needed. The NP Assist motto is simple: The Doctor Is Always In. “If an individual’s schedule is tight, then this is perfect for them,” states Kris Spell, ACNP-BC, Harbor Healthcare System and NP Assist. “With our service you will never have to wait in a doctor’s office again.”

NP Assist is the perfect healthcare solution for individuals seeking an outstanding primary care provider, those too sick to drive and that need to be seen immediately, or those individuals who prefer not be exposed to other patients’ illnesses. “This is perfect for business owners and other working professionals. NP Assist will travel to their home or office, “ Kris smiles. “Now there is never an excuse to get what has been bothering you checked out.” Other scenarios may include individuals with hectic schedules or those who cannot schedule a timely appointment with their regular provider. In all cases, NP Assist provides each individual with personalized treatment without the time limits sometimes imposed by regular providers.

“Just because the patient is not being seen in an office does not mean the quality of service changes,” reveals Kris. “In many cases it actually improves. NP Assist is able to perform more tests and procedures in a patient’s home than some primary care providers perform in their office. Plus, NP Assist provides comprehensive, urgent care, with same day service if called by 2 PM.”

The secret to NP Assist’s success is its enrollment simplicity. Individuals just enroll in a $25 monthly subscription to join the home-visit service. Recurring charges are easily made via credit cards or automatic debit. Then, when a home-visit is made, the service is billed to the patient’s insurance plan. If a patient does not have insurance, NP Assist will accept checks or credit cards prior to service.

“This is the future of healthcare,” Kris explains. “I think some people may feel like healthcare is becoming more impersonal, but NP Assist wants to retain the human touch. We hear so much coming out of Washington about the changes to this industry and many professionals are sitting idle, waiting for the politicians to figure it out. But not in southeast Texas. In order to move forward we must remember our past. At NP Assist, we want to return healthcare to a deeper, richer, more human experience that harkens back to the days when house calls were still made. Washington may say differently, but this is how we do it in Texas, and NP Assist is proudly paving the way.”

NP Assist may be found online at http://www.npassist.com or by calling toll free 1 (855) 951-5567.

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New Harbor Lights program

Harbor Healthcare continues a legacy of hope and outreach with their newly christened Harbor Lights program. The same great care, dedication, and treatment Harbor Healthcare provides to an individual and their family, is now extended even beyond the patient. Created as a way to give additional assistance, the new program targets home projects and tasks that individuals cannot do for themselves. Most importantly, these services are provided at no cost.

“This is just another way for us to give back to the community,” acknowledges Harbor Hospice Community Education Coordinator Aaron Campbell. “Harbor has been so blessed to grow as rapidly as we have and this is just a small way to give back to our patients and help out with their needs. We also see this as continuing an arc. At Harbor, we are concerned about treating a person’s body, mind, and soul. That care has now expanded to include their home.”

Harbor Healthcare is comprised of Harbor Hospice, the long term acute care Harbor Hospital, and Harbor Home Health. Each division delivers a unique method of aggressive and individualized patient care that strives to go above and beyond. “Harbor Lights is a very natural extension of our methodology,” Aaron explains. “We are committed to personalized care that not only treats the illness or disease, but the entire person. Now think of the psychological component of wellness for a patient: the peace of mind knowing that others cared enough to do this and the security of knowing these details were taken care of.” Smiling, Aaron adds, “It really is the Harbor method. All distinct points help to reinforce the others.”

Currently, two Harbor patients are selected each month for assistance. “Honestly though, I see that number greatly expanding in a very short amount of time,” confides Aaron. Patients are identified by social workers, RNs, and community educators. Each month the Harbor Lights committee meets to choose potential patients, plan projects, and recruit all the necessary volunteers.

“We’re not contractors!” Aaron jokes. “But we do roll up our sleeves and get to work. Right now, we assist with all minor home repairs and tasks such as painting, victory gardens, and yard maintenance. Sometimes in life, the smallest things mean the most, and we want to take care of those details. We feel the home is an extension of the patient and therefore needs to be treated and cared for like any other component of the individual.”

In December the program will assist with hanging lights and setting up trees and decorations. “Many of these folks probably wouldn’t be able to string lights outside or hang up Christmas stockings. Our thought is, if they are going home, we want it to feel like home when they get there. We see it as our way of having a little homecoming celebration by tidying up and fixing up some things.”

All work is performed by Harbor Healthcare employees and volunteers, but several local volunteer groups have already expressed interest in being a part of the outreach. “The BBVA and V.A. Group have already contacted us,” adds Aaron. “We can’t wait for Harbor Lights to burn even brighter so even more lives can be touched.”

To volunteer, please contact volunteer coordinator Ina Messina at (409) 291-2101. For more information or to suggest a patient for Harbor Lights, please visit http://www.harborhcs.com.

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Harbor Hospice

Harbor Hospice, Texas’ fastest growing Hospice and Palliative Care provider, has been awarded the July 2012 Business of the Month title by the Jasper-Lake Sam Rayburn Area Chamber of Commerce. This prestigious recognition is based upon Harbor Hospice’s commitment to excellence in health care and for continually upholding their core values of passion, dignity and respect for all patients and their families while caring for their physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual needs.

“We are extremely pleased,” reveals Chief Administration Officer Darran Dollarhide, “especially considering we have only been in the Jasper area for a very short time. To be able to open your doors and make this kind of name for yourself in a very brief interval speaks volumes for the excellence in care Harbor provides in general, but also to the incredible quality and commitment from our Jasper team specifically.”

Headquartered in Beaumont Texas, Harbor Hospice has locations in Austin, Houston, Corpus Christi, Baytown, Cleveland, Rockport, Jasper and San Antonio in Texas and Lake Charles, Alexandria, Lafayette and Opelousas in Louisiana. “Currently in Jasper, we provide the highest quality of in-home hospice and palliative care,” adds Darran, “but we will soon be adding our free standing Harbor House.” Harbor Houses are for times when caring for a loved one at home is not possible. These in-patient facilities provide care in a warm, homelike setting. “It really is like a home away from home,” confides Darran. “Harbor Houses are beautiful, serene, and they offer all the comforts of home while providing around-the-clock medical care. We are very proud to be bringing this world class facility to Jasper.”

Harbor Hospice’s uniqueness is not only in the level of passion of their care, but in the way they view and treat each patient. “We look at each person for who they are: a true individual,” Darran relates. “Therefore, our entire team that includes nurses, aides, social workers, spiritual counselors and more provides specialized custom care for the individual.” Here Darran points out that Harbor’s vision is to treat each individual as a whole person and just not their disease. “The treatment is really unique to the diagnosis, and we go above and beyond to minister and comfort each individual and their family.

Part of the Chamber of Commerce recognition comes from the fact that each team member sincerely believes Harbor Hospice is a safe harbor for individuals and families during their most difficult times. “We always remind people, that this is not the end,” Darran relates. “It’s just the next step, and with love, dignity and respect, Harbor will help patients and their families arrive there. Our motto is ‘Lighting the Way Home’, and we sincerely believe it is our mission and calling to do just that.”

Harbor Hospice may be contacted toll-free at 1.855.542.7267 or by clicking on http://www.harborhospice.com.

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Congratulations to Our Team

Congratulations to Our Team

Harbor Hospice, Texas’ fastest growing Hospice and Palliative Care provider, has been awarded the July 2012 Business of the Month title by the Jasper-Lake Sam Rayburn Area Chamber of Commerce.

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